Executive Leadership

Dr. Vincent Burton / President & Chief Anesthesiologist
Vincent Burton MBBS, FRCA / Anesthesiologist
Dr. Marc Penn / Director of Research & Development
Dr. Marc Penn - Director of Research & Development | Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine
Clinical Director / Gretchen Dezelick
Gretchen Dezelick RN, BSN, CNOR, LHCRM, CASC / Director of Clinical Operations
Director of IT & Operations / Sean Napier
Director of Finance / Fiona Daniels
Fiona Daniels CPA / Controller
Director of Marketing / Corina Froese
Corina Froese / Director of Educational Relations
Bob Russell / Director of Physician Engagement
Robert Russell - Director of Physician Engagement, Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine

 Medical Team

Dr. Bart Rademaker / Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Michael Price / Regenerative Therapy & Orthopedic Specialist
Dr. Michael Price
Dr. Warren Sherman / Interventional Cardiologist
Dr. Warren Sherman
Dr. Freeman Lockhart / Orthopedic Specialist
Freeman Lockhart MBBS, FRCSC / Orthopedic Specialist
Dr. Philip B. Schoettle / Orthopedic Specialist
Philip B. Schoettle, MD, PhD

 Administrative Team

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