We base our stem cell treatments at Okyanos on stem cells that come from a patient’s own fat. These adipose-derived stem cells are within the stromal vascular fraction or SVF that is isolated from fat. Stromal vascular fraction is a rich mixture of stem and progenitor cells, including mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells, and endothelial cells.

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Why use stem cells from fat?

We have chosen to source stem cells from fat due to the number of advantages the tissue offers over umbilical cord and/or bone marrow.

  • Available for autologous use
  • Easily accessible in large quantities with minimally invasive harvesting procedure
  • No need to expand cells in culture
  • Higher frequency of stem and progenitor cells per volume of tissue collected1,2

We use the Tissue Genesis Icellator® – a closed, sterile, single-use system – to expose the fat to an enzyme that frees the stem cells from the adipose. The result is a solution of stem cells that is purer, more potent, and more active than what is available using any other source or method of stem cell isolation from adipose.

When we inject enzyme-derived SVF into an area of tissue injury, these “repair cells” have the ability to1,2:

  • Address widespread inflammation
  • Modulate abnormal immune responses
  • Reduce scarring (can occur post-surgery or -heart attack)
  • Stimulate the growth of new blood vessels for better blood flow
  • Prevent further or premature cell and tissue death
  • Repair damaged tissue or turn into replacement tissue
  • Activate stem cells already present in the body for further healing


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Visit the website for more information on the Tissue Genesis Icellator®. https://www.tissuegenesis.com/