At Okyanos, safety is our highest priority. We treat patients using their own cells, greatly reducing the risk of rejection. Okyanos treatment protocols have been reviewed by Bahamian regulatory authorities, including the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee, and have been shown to be both safe and, for many, effective.

Although any medical procedure has risks, adult stem cell therapy can be safely performed when done by competent clinicians well trained in the science of stem cells. We conduct follow-ups to monitor progress and help promote the continued success of our patients.

Processing a patient’s stem cells is done with state-of-the-art cell processing technology. We use the Tissue Genesis Icellator®, an enclosed, sterile processing system with single-use cartridges. In 2009, the Icellator® technology became the first automated stem cell device approved for use in an FDA-approved study, with an additional seven FDA clinical trials approved to date. The Icellator® has since received regulatory approval in South Korea, Ukraine and The Bahamas. The Icellator® has been used more than 2,700 times. The newest version, Icellator® X, was announced in late 2018 and will be available for use in 2019.

Consult with your personal physician before considering treatment at Okyanos.