At Okyanos, we believe in the power of regenerative medicine to restore healthy living. We offer advanced stem cell therapies delivered by a team of world-class specialists focused on the highest level of patient care. Safe, effective treatments for the quantifiably best possible outcomes. That’s the Okyanos promise.

We’re living in an exciting time in medicine. We’re learning all about the genome, stem cells, and other biotechnologies that are helping patients not only survive acute diseases better, but also enable us to treat the chronic conditions that result from heart attacks, strokes and other serious illnesses more effectively.

This new era has allowed medical researchers to turn their attention to strategies and treatments that ultimately can either recover, restore, or give back to patients some of the function they lost from debilitating conditions. Regenerative medicine is one of those strategies that really brings such excitement and hope by offering the potential for better living, healing, and wellness.

At Okyanos, we only use a patient’s own stem cells, delivered in a safe, sterile environment by an expert team of physicians. We encourage a patient’s doctor to contact us directly and to partner with us before, during, and after your procedure. We’re also committed to collecting data at Okyanos on every patient we treat because we believe that learning who responds, what they respond to, and how well they respond is critical for the field of stem cell therapy to move forward.

We welcome you to learn more about Okyanos and the breakthrough treatments we are currently offering.