The Okyanos Difference

Learn about what separates Okyanos Cell Therapy from all others in the stem cell therapy field.

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How It Works

Using your stem cells from your body’s fat tissues to repair damage and improve blood flow and healing in your body.

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What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

A new way of treating damaged and diseased tissue using your own fat-derived stem cells.

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The Okyanos Cell Therapy Difference

At Okyanos, we have built a cell therapy center of excellence, standards of service and world-class team around substantial scientific research and clinical experience that shows cell therapy to be safe and potentially beneficial for the indications we treat. We accept only patients we truly feel can be helped with our treatment. It is this level of dedication to responsible medicine with oversight and guidance from some of the world’s leading cell therapy researchers and medical professionals which set us apart.

How Stem Cells Heal Chronic Disease

Cardiologist Dr. Leslie Miller discusses why adult stem cells are so valuable in helping your body repair itself. He also talks about the benefits of adult stem cell therapy as an alternative option if you are living with chronic disease or conditions, such as coronary artery disease or osteoarthritis, but are still experiencing symptoms that affect your ability to live a normal life.