Steven J. Greco, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer

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Dr. Steven Greco is the Chief Science Officer for Houston Healthspan and serves as Director of Research for Rejenevie Therapeutics. Formally trained as a stem cell biologist, over the past 14 years Dr. Greco has contributed to original research publications within the fields of regenerative and translational medicine. He is skilled and knowledgeable in several areas of regenerative research, including adipose (fat) tissue-derived stem cells, and he participated and managed oncology research at Rutgers University studying the effects of stem cells on aging, breast cancer and brain tumors. He also has conducted significant research on human adult bone marrow stem cells, namely hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. Currently, Dr. Greco’s research focuses on aging biology, with particular interest into approaches to restore function to the aging immune system.

Dr. Greco previously served as Vice President of Research and Development for Neurotez Inc., a company targeting Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery, early-stage development and basic research. During his tenure at Neurotez, Dr. Greco directed numerous aspects of drug development from preclinical studies to cGMP manufacturing of biologics, to organization of IND-enabling studies and clinical trial design for FDA submission.

He received both his Ph.D. in stem cell biology and M.S. in biomedical sciences from Rutgers University, and his B.A. from Cornell University where he studied animal physiology. Dr. Greco is a contributing author to more than 55 research publications and holds nine U.S. and international patents.