Our Procedures

Stem cell procedures at Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine are performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center and cardiac cath lab. We use the patients’ own adult stem cells, derived from their adipose tissue (fat) for treatment.

Patients undergo a gentle liposuction procedure. The resulting lipoaspirate is put into the Tissue Genesis Icellator® - a closed, sterile, single-use, automated, CGMP cell processing system - with an enzyme to isolate the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).

SVF is a rich mix of stem cells consisting of mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells, and endothelial cells.  With enzyme-derived SVF, the purity, potency and sterility of the stem cells allow us to utilize the stem cells in the following ways:

Direct injection into the joints, muscles or tissue.

IV infusion for reducing inflammation and overall well-being.

Direct injection plus IV infusion

Cardiac catheter infusion through the coronary sinus

Patients are generally on Grand Bahama island for three days total: day 1 for pre-op appointments; day 2 for procedures; and day 3 for post-op appointments. Cardiac patients should plan for four days to allow for an additional day of recovery time. Though recovery can and does vary from patient to patient, Okyanos’ cell therapy protocols are designed to be minimally-invasive and carried out with the goal of keeping “downtime” to a minimum. Some patients choose to extend their time to rest for an extra day before traveling home.

To undergo a stem cell procedure, you should:

  • Have the ability to travel comfortably to The Bahamas
  • Have the ability to lay flat for the procedure
  • Have sufficient BMI for fat harvesting
  • Provide medical records indicating the ability to safely undergo fat harvesting (a minor liposuction procedure)

You must not have undergone cancer treatment in the past 6 months.

For an overview of Treating Conditions, watch our video with Dr. Marc Penn.

All patient treatment protocols are decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the treating physician. Below is a brief list of conditions and potential stem cell treatments:

Autoimmune disorders: Treated with IV infusion of SVF

Cardiac Conditions: Treated with cardiac catheter infusion of SVF through the coronary sinus

Chronic Wounds: Treated with IV infusion and direct injection of SVF

Neurologic Conditions: Treated with infusion of Mannitol, followed by IV infusion of SVF

Orthopedic Conditions: Treated with direct injection of SVF plus IV infusion of SVF

Pulmonary Conditions: Treated with IV infusion of SVF

Urologic Conditions: Treated with direct injection of SVF

Okyanos does not treat cancer or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

For more information about treatment at Okyanos, visit our What to Expect page.

For a detailed understanding of stem cell safety at Okyanos, watch our video below.