Travis W.Travis W.
Coronado, CA

Treating condition: Traumatic Brain Injury, Degenerative Joint Disease/Osteoarthritis & Joint Injury
Treatment date: October 2018

I served in the United States Army for a total of 21 years. Thirteen years were spent in Special Forces as a Green Beret as a Communications Sergeant.  I started jumping out of planes as soon as I joined the Army. As anyone in the military will tell you, the impact on your legs and your body is pretty rough.

It’s also a lot of weight on your body. At the time, I weighed about 235 pounds, and with the additional 115 pounds of weight from the gear, you can imagine how hard it is during a night jump when it’s dark and you can’t see the ground.

In 2009, I was doing a training night jump in Arizona when something went wrong with my chute and I couldn’t control the last 100 feet. So, I just ate the dirt pretty dang hard, and my back and legs took the brunt of it, my head as well, once I hit the ground.  I have had a total of 12 surgeries including lower lumbar disc replacement, five knee surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, elbow surgery, bicep reattachment and ankle surgery.  My joints hurt, and I literally walk like an old man when I wake up.  It takes a while for me to loosen up even a little bit.  

I also have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after hitting my head and repeated concussions. At first, I didn’t really think that I had one, but then I got my brain scanned and they show you, yeah buddy, you really have one, and then you start thinking about things, like a twitch in my arm that I never used to have or the sleeping disorder that I have, the outbursts, the anger and memory issues.  Sleeping pills, melatonin, CBD oils, I’ve tried them all, but nothing has worked. 

Before coming here, I did my research because I didn’t know a lot about stem cells, but it’s been such a positive experience for me.  I'll tell you that the facility at Okyanos is primo.  From the moment you walk through the door until your post-op, it is 100%, 110% better than any hospital I've ever been in as far as treatment, the operating room and the quality of the equipment. The staff here is amazing, I mean, you name it, they go above and beyond here, not with just how they treat you, but also in how they do their jobs and the equipment they use.  They did everything that they could to make me not nervous.  I wasn’t nervous.  They did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable and at home.

Since Travis’ treatment in October 2018 (as of Jan. 2019):

Before coming to Okyanos, I had two surgeries on my knees, one in April and one in July. The stem cell therapy has really helped to accelerate the recovery and healing.  My knees and legs have improved. My wife and I walk every day. Recently I was able to do six miles, at a 3.4 mile per hour steady pace. Normally, my knees would hurt if I walked a mile. As far as the pain is concerned, it’s decreased so much. 

As far as my TBI, my concentration is better, my memory seems better and my sleep has improved. I just wasn’t sleeping as solidly before treatment. I do wake up on occasion, but I definitely sleep a lot more now. The ringing in my ears tinnitus has also decreased.

The biggest surprise has been my sense of smell is so much better. It’s insane to smell everything.  When I’m out on a walk, I can smell things faster than my wife. Smells are just more ‘pungent’, like the scent of flowers. It’s wonderful.

I have already talked to other veterans about this. This experience was awesome.

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