Taylor P.Taylor P.
Birmingham, AL

Treating condition: Traumatic Brain Injury
Treatment date: December 2018

I had a brain hemorrhage four years ago, in my 20s. Most of the people who have the type of hemorrhage I had are significantly older, or the hemorrhage is brought on by car injuries or things like that.  It took the doctors about a week to figure out what actually had happened, so for a week I laid in my bed with horrible pain in the back of my neck from all the blood pooling there, and then it was pushing my brain forward and causing my eyes to feel like they were coming out of my skull. That pain is something I never want to feel again.

I’ve had a number of sports and non-sports head injuries. In high school, I played football, baseball, and lacrosse.  One neurologist told me the hemorrhage could have been caused by years of trauma. I get headaches pretty bad and pretty regularly, but I'm not on any medication for it or anything like that because I'm trying to be somewhat aware.  Sleeping is really hard. It’s hard to get to sleep at night because I have so many racing thoughts. I can’t seem to calm my mind. My ears ring pretty much constantly.

From a mental capacity standpoint, it’s not the same thing all the time. Sometimes the gears in my head will start turning faster than things will come out of my mouth, so it seems like sometimes I'm holding onto the thoughts in my head. The words take a little bit longer than it should to get out. If that would stop, that would be awesome. My memory has dropped off significantly and I have a lot of brain fog. That really impacts my work and my whole life.

There hasn’t been a lot of options for me as far as treatment goes. It’s mainly psychologists, medication, sleep therapy, that kind of thing. I just don’t think any of it is getting to the actual cause of my head pain and the mental issues. Not knowing whether I'm going to have another hemorrhage is something that’s kind of scary to me. If the stem cells will allow my brain to heal enough so I don’t have to worry about that as much, I mean, obviously I'll never know whether or not I'm going to have another one, but I think that’s kind of one of my biggest things, that’s why I'm here, to not have to worry as much.

To be honest, my wife was a little nervous about me coming to the Bahamas for treatment. She was like, why do you have to go out of town for this? She did some research on why it can’t be done in the US right now and the high quality of the doctors who are here at Okyanos.  It really put her mind at ease.  I'm not expecting super human results, but if normal is within the realm, I'm going to be happy with that.

Since Taylor’s treatment in December 2018 (as of Feb. 2019):

I was told to be patient and wait a few months, but in my case, the results were almost immediate. I can’t believe it. I used to have at least one severe headache once a week and periodically I’d be surprised by scattered ones here and there.  Since my treatment, I’ve only had one headache and it was due to a sinus infection. Otherwise, I’m totally headache free.

My sleeping is so much better. I get tired and I want to go to sleep. It’s more of natural thing. It’s hard to describe but my mind is quieter now. My memory is also so much sharper. I’m getting things done at work because I remember to get things done.  I’m also a Little League coach and I can tell it’s really helped with my coaching. I’m better with the kids, I can follow what they do in practice and it’s much easier for me to get back to parents. I was just so scatterbrained before the treatment. The whole recall piece of this is much better.

The biggest improvement is in the way I no longer pause to find words and speak if there’s something in my head. It’s very noticeable now. I don’t have to sit on my thoughts or my words, everything just flows. I’m completely amazed at how great I feel.

I’m so grateful to the staff at Okyanos.  Everyone was really patient with me, they took such good care of me. It’s a small team and the feeling there is so different compared to a large hospital.  The doctors and nurses are all top quality. My stem cell experience exceeded all expectations.

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