Peter F.Peter F.
Sydney, Australia

Treating condition: Chronic joint pain/knees, back & neck
Treatment date: January 2019

I’ve had chronic pain for probably 15 years now, maybe a bit more.  It’s been horrible. Getting used to pain, that’s not fun. It’s affected everything in my life.  I’m in agony when I walk upstairs.  Walking long distances is bad news, so is biking.  I used to be fully active, running, boating, now I can’t do any of that so it has affected me greatly and still does. I’ve been on anti-inflammatories all these years. I don’t want to be on them for the rest of my life, so anything that can improve that, I’ll be a happy man.

 I found out about Okyanos through my doctor in London. He introduced me to Dr. Philip Schoettle, a treating orthopedist here at Okyanos. 

The day after Peter’s treatment at Okyanos:

I’m feeling so good. I can’t tell you, it’s amazing.  It’s a night-and-day difference, and it was an immediate thing, so fingers crossed it lasts, but I have no back pain.  I’m not crunching my neck like I always do.  This is miraculous, and that’s after just a few hours, so I’m amazed. *

I honestly did not know what to expect afterwards, but I did not expect this.  This is way better than I could ever have hoped for.  Now, I was told that the recovery can take many months, and you’ll have periods where it goes up and down, but on the whole, it’s an improving thing as the body takes control of it.  And, of course, I will look at diet.  I’ll look at movement, etc., but I’m ready for it, and I can feel it’s going to work. Even if it was a fraction of what I’m feeling now for improvement, I’m happy.  This is ridiculously good.

You must be a realist with these things.  If you expect to be 20 years old again, it’s not going to happen.  I’m 60, and if I feel like I’m 50 but healthy, it’s great.

*Medical note: This anti-inflammatory effect is one of a number of the mechanisms of stem cell tissue repair.  See graphic below.  The anti-inflammatory effect can be the beginning of stem cell repair that over the longer-term can lead to improved tissue function and resolution of symptoms for which the patient sought treatment.

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