Ike A.Ike A.
Hot Spring, AR

Treating condition: Back Pain/Joint Pain/TBI
Treatment date: October 2018

I spent almost 22 years in the US Army. I joined as a combat engineer and after 9-11 joined Special Forces. I had multiple deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and a few other places doing Special Operations.

All my injuries happened during training exercises, driving heavy trucks or lifting heavy equipment. The worst was when I was driving a truck in Afghanistan during a night mission. I didn’t see a small ravine and the truck’s tire got caught and went in.  I remember feeling a sharp pain in my lower back, but at the time, I just kept on going through the pain.

These days, I’m in constant pain, 24/7.   I’ve got four herniated discs and have had a couple of back surgeries to trim off some herniations.  For relief, I’ve tried everything from pain meds, numbing agents, and radiofrequency (RFA), where they put some needles in where the nerves are to try to vibrate them until they die.  But all that stuff, especially with my back, it only lasts maybe a few months and right back to pain or back to seeing a pain specialist.

I’ve had surgery on my left shoulder.  They removed my biceps tendon and relocated it, put a screw in it.  My knees ache. Sleep’s tough, especially without the pain medicine.  I probably average four hours a night.  I’m up 4:30 or 5 every morning, and then just sporadically throughout the night.  Just rolling over will sometimes wake me up with back pain.

The last several years in the Army I was on a team that specialized in heavy explosives breaching. I’ve had my head rocked a few times.  Cognitive function and concentration for me is diminished for sure.  I can tell.  My wife can tell over the last ten years.  I always try to convince her that it’s just me getting older, but I don't think that’s the case.  I also have horrible, short term and even long-term memory issues.

I’m 100% optimistic about stem cell therapy.  They’re taking my own cells, putting my own cells back into me.    I can’t wait to see what this brings, and not just the physical pain in my back and shoulders and stuff, but also in my brain function.

Since Ike’s treatment in October 2018 (as of Jan. 2019)

I felt great for the first four to five days afterwards. It was amazing how the stem cells attacked the inflammation in my body right away. The relief was there immediately. The very first day, I was able to walk a half-mile to dinner without a limp. It’s still early and if this is any taste of what’s to come, I’m thrilled.

Oddly enough, I think my hearing has gotten better. I haven’t had to wear my hearing aids since the procedure.  Normally, I’d wear them a couple of days a week, but I haven’t needed them. The tinnitus I have is also reduced.

While I still have pain in my back, I notice I’m not on the couch as long as I used to be. I’m up and moving more.  My sleeping is much better. I’m up to five or six hours a night compared to three or four hours.

On my experience at Okyanos: Drs. Price and Rademaker were excellent. They were super nice and the entire staff treated me well. It was everything you would expect from a private clinic and I felt like it was totally up to US standards.  I also thought that Freeport was a nice place. I’m not a Vegas-type person, I like to be able to relax. We were able to do that plus we took our son and it was extremely easy to get around. My experience from beginning to end has been just amazing.

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