Eric S.Eric S.
Houston, Tx

Treating condition: Chronic shoulder & neck pain, elbow and ankle issues
Treatment date: October 2018

I’ve lived a very active life and I’m paying the toll for that now.  I played football, ran track, played baseball, and I’ve had a number of injuries from hamstring ruptures, to Achilles tendon rupture, to a grade 3 separation of the AC joint in my right shoulder playing rugby in law school.  Being active is still an essential part of my life. 

I decided to seek stem cell therapy to ease the severe pain in my left shoulder. I’ve had chronic pain from degenerative osteoarthritis for more than seven years. In 2011, I started with cortisone injections, but the pain kept getting worse. It’s pretty unbearable to the point where it’s affecting my sleep at night and my quality of life.

Just before I came to Okyanos, I saw a top orthopedic doctor in Houston.  He looked at my MRI and said I had total bone on bone deterioration. He said there was nothing he could do. A total shoulder replacement surgery was the only option.

I didn’t want to do that. I met with the doctors here at Okyanos. They took a look at my x-rays and said it may not be as bad as I was told, that it was not necessarily bone on bone and that I’m a good candidate for stem cell therapy.  The treating orthopedist also took a look at my neck.  I’m a cancer survivor (stage 4 throat cancer) and a common side effect from the radiation treatments is a buildup of fibrosis, or scar tissue. The tissue becomes hard and dense, it can restrict your movements and cause tightness and pain. It even affects the healthy tissue in that area.  He suggested we inject stem cells in the back of my neck to improve the circulatory pathways and blood flow. We also ended up injecting my right elbow where I have chronic tendonitis and my left ankle which was still bothering me after surgery for a ruptured Achilles heel. 

Since Eric’s treatment in October 2018: (as of Feb. 2019)

I’m essentially pain-free, it’s like night and day now. I can’t believe it. I’m completely off the pain medication I was on and my range of motion in my shoulder is so much better. The tissue in the back of my neck feels much more supple and pliable.  When I move my neck, I can feel it give more. I have no pain in my ankle or my elbow.  My workouts have really improved and I can now do things I used to do before my injuries. If I went down into a position to do a push-up, my right elbow would flare in pain. But, now I have no trouble at all. My trainer is amazed.

Personally, based on my own experience, I believe in stem cells one hundred percent. It’s been an incredible outcome.

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