Bill R.Bill R.
Santa Barbara, CA

Treating condition: Degenerative Joint Disease/Arthritis & Joint Injury
Treatment date: October 2018

I came to Okyanos for the first time hoping to get relief from the pain in my knees. I had been playing tennis for fifty years, but I couldn’t play anymore.  During that first treatment, they put 10 million cells in each knee and 30 million stem cells intravenously into my body.

The morning after the treatment, I woke up and immediately called the clinic. I said I can’t walk, and they laughed.  The nurse told me to hold the bed and walk around a bit.  So, I held the bed, and I walked around, and I said, well, that was good.  I ended up walking into the clinic, then walked through the airport (in Freeport), flew to Miami, and walked through the Miami airport, which is a big airport.  I did this all on my way back home from that first treatment.

Today, I have no pain in my knees.  I can play tennis again.  I can run again, things I couldn’t do.  So, it’s been quite an experience, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in the experience.

I’ve been fortunate. I’m 72 years old and when you hit that point, if you have to rank things, I rank health number one and having people around you who love you as number two, and then you put business on as numbers three, etc.  Health is the most important, and it’s been fascinating.  I’ve had friends who have had health problems and when you know somebody who has everything in the world but they have a problem that can’t be addressed such as Parkinson’s, early dementia or chronic Lyme disease, and you can offer them something that you can say you’ve tried, it makes a difference.  And, when they go and try and it happens, that’s really one of the special points in life that you reflect on and say I made a difference.

It’s a world-class team of physicians, a world-class medical group, and I’m very happy to be here.

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