Pfizer’s Buried Data Bolsters Links Between Inflammation & Alzheimer’s Disease

Pfizer’s Buried Data Bolsters Links Between Inflammation & Alzheimer’s Disease

July 15, 2019 — A team of Pfizer researchers found Enbrel, a powerful anti-inflammatory, appeared to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) by 64% according to The Boston Globe. The company declined to invest the $80 million required to put the drug, currently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, through clinical trials for AD. Critics say the decision was due to the expiration of Enbrel’s “patent exclusivity,” which means the drug now faces generic competition.

Despite the lack of investment, the news further bolsters evidence that inflammation is a core cause of AD. A study published this year in the journal Neurology, found people with high levels of chronic inflammation at midlife are more likely to experience memory loss and neurological problems later in life. The study, out of Johns Hopkins, was the first long-term look at the link between inflammatory blood markers and mental decline.

Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine directly targets age-related inflammation with adult stem cell therapies. Inflammation is a natural part of our body’s immune response that occurs with injury or infection to promote healing and provide protection. But as we age,  low-grade chronic systemic inflammation increases, causing a negative effect. Recognition of this condition has led to a promising new field of research into what’s called Inflammaging, which can impact everything from memory loss to bone-healing.

Our signature, age-related anti-inflammation treatment is ideal for patients who are experiencing fatigue, decreased mobility, and other chronic conditions due to systemic inflammation. It may also be beneficial as a form of preventative medicine before symptoms of age-related inflammatory diseases are identified. We offer high-yield adult stem cell therapy delivered intravenously to provide a systemic anti-inflammatory effect to promote tissue healing, increased energy and anti-aging.

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