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Paul, 61
Indiatlantic, FL
Treated at Okyanos March, 2016

A knee injury led Paul to joint surgery at the young age of 11 years old. Over time, joint stiffness and scar tissue prevented him from being able to fully bend his knee or function without pain. Paul opted to explore Okyanos Cell Therapy as a minimally-invasive arthritis treatment option and an alternative to joint surgery, wishing to avoid joint replacement and get back to the activities he loves.

Seeking An Alternative to Joint Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy - An Alternative to Joint Surgery

Paul on a recent hike outdoors.

“In many ways, I am a young 61 but I had a really old right knee due to tearing some ligaments followed by a surgery to repair it when I was 11. Now 50 years later and for as many years as I can remember, I couldn’t bend my knee past 80 degrees. Add to that, from my knee surgery, significant scar tissue had spread to my right thigh. All this had led to other issues including a bone-on-bone, arthritic right hip as well as an arthritic ankle, both from compensating for the injured knee. Being a non-stop and do-it-myself person, I also had a torn rotator cuff and had some general aches and pains from all my various outdoor activities.

“When my friend, Dr. Steve Ryland, heard I had gotten to the point that I could not do the climbing and hiking that were needed to pursue my outdoor passions and I was prescribed a knee cap replacement he recommended stem cell therapy as a safer option, not only for my knee but also to address the other degenerated, arthritic joints and discomforts I had.

“While I trusted Steve, I still had my doubts given that I had no cartilage on the left side of my knee, very little on the right and a ton of scar tissue not to mention my hip, ankle and shoulder issues.  I had pretty much tried everything including physical therapy. Despite that, I just had a hard time believing that stem cells could repair the damage to the knee after 50 years of wear and tear and a hip ball socket that was worn down and elongated.

“After reviewing my options and consulting two orthopedic surgeons, approximately 3 months ago, I went to Okyanos and received injections in my knee, hip, shoulder and 14 specifically for the scar tissue as well as IV infusion of my stem cells. It took about two weeks for my shoulder to respond and by three weeks I was able to wax my whole 45’ motor home by hand and I now have no pain when doing archery.

“My knee and hip have gradually improved to the point where I can now bend the knee to 125 degrees (considered more than normal) and walk without a limp. In everyday terms, that means going up and down stairs and hiking are a lot easier and I can squat, something I have not done since I injured my knee as a child. My ankle pain has now dissipated. My scar tissue has reduced by 75%. My wife says my skin is better and my overall aches and pains are way less.

“Okyanos is first class, very professional, courteous and caring from the receptionist, Phillippa, to the nurses—Lori and Shannon in particular—and the medical team.”

Courtesy and Personalized Care from a World Class Medical Team

Joint pain or past injury leads many to the doorstep of replacement surgery. If you have damage to the knee meniscus, cartilage or ligaments as a result of acute injury or “wear and tear” from arthritis over time, you may be a good candidate for Okyanos Cell Therapy.

To learn more about the benefits of orthopedic stem cell therapy as an alternative to joint surgery, please contact our Patient Liaisons by dialing 855-659-2667 or request a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.

No claims as to expected benefits or outcomes are made by Okyanos. A comprehensive library of supportive published research and information concerning Okyanos Cell Therapy can be found throughout our website.
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