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Dr. Howard Walpole, Okyanos - Stem Cell Therapy Provider

Okyanos’ CMO Dr. Howard Walpole addresses guests at the hard hat reception and construction site tour.

We are very pleased to have recently announced the completion of our investment funding. Since our founding in 2011, the Okyanos family has grown to include life-long friends, investors, supporters, researchers and members of the cardiology community—all of whom share our purpose and commitment towards improving the quality of life heart patients.

With the success of our last round, Okyanos has raised in-total over $14 million. This kind of financial strength is essential to our mission, as it enables us to truly develop the highest possible standards of safety and care.

We feel very lucky to have been so well-embraced by the business and healthcare community of Grand Bahama Island, and we are excited for what lies ahead.

What’s Next for Okyanos? A Quick Update…

Construction – All Bahamas Construction has continued to do a fine job building out our state-of-the-art cath lab and cardiac cell therapy center. Just last month we were able to tour attendees of the 2014 International Stem Cell Society (STEMSO) Conference through the construction site as part of a “hard hat reception,” and we look forward to unveiling the finished product at our Grand Opening this summer. To see more pictures from the reception and the STEMSO Conference, visit our Facebook page.)

Human Resoures – We have begun some limited hiring interviews for select positions which are key to our progress at this stage. Thank you to all who have submitted resumes and expressed interest. We encourage you to continue to do via email:

Estimated Timeline – Okyanos will start treating patients with coronary artery disease using their own stem cells in the summer of 2014, although we have not yet set a definitive grand opening date. (Stay tuned for that!)

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