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Ken, 67
Cancun, Mexico
Degenerative Joint Disease/Arthritis & Joint Injury
Treated at Okyanos April, 2016

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis PainSevere arthritis pain in multiple joints made Ken’s life as an avid woodworker, traveler and athlete difficult, to say the least. After being forced into early retirement, Ken turned to stem cell therapy to address the pain, inflammation, damage and loss of function he had lived with for decades.

“More than a miracle… I now walk without a knee brace.”

“Okyanos Cell Therapy was more than a miracle for me. Since treatment in April of 2016, I have gone from a forced early retirement at age 58 due to chronic pain in nearly every joint in my body, to returning to walking without a brace, shaking hands, opening jars and woodworking—and I could even go back to work if I wanted to. I no longer take daily doses of Indocin (a NSAID) or tramadol (a pain med) and surprisingly my blood pressure has normalized and I am off of that med too.

“When I was 17 (I am now 67) I radically dislocated my right knee. By 21 my left knee had also been radically dislocated, which caused me to fall down about once a day. At that time I got a ‘Hauser’ procedure to repair the dislocation for the left knee but decided not to do the right knee. The Hauser procedure was discontinued shortly after that as it was found to cause arthritis, which unfortunately doesn’t begin to describe the damage that it created and the total mess it left my knee in. It did not just hasten the beginning of arthritis, everything fell apart in there.

“It didn’t help that I played contact sports until 21 and then got into construction as a career. In my late 20s I developed serious lower back pain. When I was 30 I developed tendonitis in my elbows and fingers that then developed into arthritis. As I joked to my doctor, the tendonitis stopped bothering me when the arthritis took over.

“In my early 30s, shoulder problems developed and eventually the arthritis spread to my knuckles. This was very painful. At 55, I went to a doctor for my arthritic thumbs. My right hand also had carpal tunnel syndrome, probably developed from woodworking.

“At 58, I was advised by my doctor to retire early to preserve my quality of life, which I did reluctantly.

Life After Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Pain“The last gasp for my knees was last year, at the age of 66, on a trip to the Amazon. The left leg dislocated and tore some ligaments. With all the accumulated structural issues my meniscus displaced and I would literally push it back in place. X-rays of my shoulders, elbows, hands and knees showed severe degeneration from osteoarthritis. I had been told for 15 years I needed a total knee replacement and could not walk without a knee brace.

“Within the first week following stem cells, there was an incredible reduction in pain. I now walk without a knee brace. As long as I don’t overdo it I don’t have any knee pain.

Life After Stem Cells for Arthritis Pain

Ken, shown here and above fixing a lock and re-upholstering a chair, is now able to use his hands and do work around the house without the severe arthritis pain he dealt with for decades.

“With all the damage from the Hauser procedure this is better than I ever expected. I have recovered full range of motion and strength in my shoulders whereas previously I could not hold my hands behind my back or over my head without pain and discomfort. It had been such a long time since I could do this it caught me completely by surprise when I realized it!

“My back took a while but doesn’t bother me anymore; my left index knuckle no longer has any pain. My carpal tunnel has completely resolved.

“The Okyanos staff were very nice and my driver Adrian was as well. I was very surprised at the quality of the facility. I was expecting a small clinic instead of full OR with full medical staffing.

“After being forced to retire 10 years ago I could go back to work. I am much more physically able to work now than I was 20 or 30 years ago. If I did not improve any more it would still be more than worth it. Thank you, Okyanos!”

The Stem Cell Option for Severe, Multi-Joint Arthritis Pain

As was the case for Ken, orthopedic injury as well as aggressive surgery can cause a worsening in the progression of existing osteoarthritis. Cell therapy is increasingly recognized as a promising joint pain treatment option prior to any invasive surgical approach for the ability of adult stem cells to:

  • Address inflammation and pain
  • Stimulate tissue repair/regeneration
  • Prevent continued premature cell and tissue death
  • Reduce scarring

Adult stem cells have the ability to address the long-term underlying inflammation, tissue degeneration and scarring seen in cases of arthritis, in a minimally-invasive way without any need for permanent structural changes to joints (as in knee or other joint replacement surgery.)

To learn more about whether stem cell therapy is appropriate for your osteoarthritis or joint injury, please contact our Patient Liaisons by dialing 855-659-2667 or request a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.

No claims as to expected benefits or outcomes are made by Okyanos. A comprehensive library of supportive published research and information concerning Okyanos Cell Therapy can be found throughout our website.
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