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Jake J., 72
Colorado, USA
Condition: Osteoarthritis & Torn Meniscus

Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy Results

Jake back on the court playing his favorite sport, pickleball.

When Jake tore his meniscus in 2013, his active lifestyle suffered greatly. After an MRI revealed near bone-on-bone in his knee, and at the urging of his doctor, Jake underwent surgery to repair the meniscus hoping he could reclaim his normal daily life packed with sports and exercise.

After a few months of post-surgical recovery, he was back on the pickleball court playing his favorite sport despite lingering pain and soreness in his knee from osteoarthritis. His doctors had deemed the surgery a success because the level of pain in his knee had gone from constant and severe down to soreness during exertion, but Jake’s eye was on the future of his active lifestyle.

“After the surgery, my knee was getting better but not healing fully. My quality of life was a little better, but what I worried most about my future and being able to stay active and play pickleball. I’m at the age where a lot of people get knee replacements, and if I was going to continue to play I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen,” says Jake.

A Pickleball Enthusiast at 72-Years-Young

To call Jake an active senior would be an understatement. Exercising, skiing, Olympic weightlifting and playing pickleball are just some of the activities which keep Jake moving and testing his physical limits on a daily basis.

A friend of his had received orthopedic stem cell therapy for his knee and shoulder, so when Jake met someone from Okyanos while on vacation it inspired him to begin in-depth research into the potential of stem cells for his knee. Jake then decided to move forward with treatment at Okyanos in order to secure a healthy, active future for himself.

“Considering the alternative of knee replacement, I thought it was a good investment in my future to try this. I knew this: from my study, there were absolutely no negative side effects. The only risk was that it might not work for everyone. But it did work for me, and I would tell anybody who is facing any kind of joint surgery to try this first.”

The Okyanos Experience

Okyanos Cell Therapy Team“When I arrived at Okyanos after having been picked up at the airport and taken to my hotel, the Grand Lucayan, I was very impressed. The facility was very modern, everything looked up to date and everyone was very friendly.

“I really appreciated that the advisor met us at the airport, picked us up, got us to the hotel—it was all very painless. If we needed something, she brought the driver and we got where we needed to go. Staying there was comfortable and very easy.”

Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy: Procedure and Recovery

“My first meeting with Dr. Malan was the day before the treatment. He examined me, explained what was going to happen during the fat harvesting and stem cell procedure, and we decided where he was going to get the fat from. I elected to do some additional cosmetic liposuction as an extra benefit.

“The next day I was picked up by a driver and brought to the clinic. I did not have to wait—I was taken in right away. I had an IV put in and went to sleep, and when I woke up a few hours later everything was completed. They monitored me for a time period and then brought me back to the hotel.

Adipose Stem Cells - Okyanos Cell Therapy

Adipose tissue is harvested from the patient and immediately processed for stem cell isolation and same-day treatment.

“The spot where I had the fat removed was a little sore, but that was my only limiting factor. I had no pain in my knee. The doctor told me to stress and stretch the knee so the cells would be kept in that area.

“The days following my treatment, I was walking in the sand—I got to spend all my recuperation time on the beach!”

Jake’s Post-Op Improvements

When we spoke to Jake about 14 weeks after his orthopedic stem cell therapy, he was very happy to report on his recent adventures in action:

“Normally after exercise I would feel sore, but now I don’t have that soreness. That went away. With knee trouble, sometimes there is a little inflammation you don’t realize you have until it’s gone.”

“After 8 weeks I felt very comfortable walking around—I felt like I was walking on velvet. That to me was when I felt it was really working. Also, I had recently pulled my hamstring and shoulder. So I had stem cell injections into those areas. And 3 to 4 weeks after treatment, both of those muscles had completely healed.”

Jake - Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy

After his adult stem cell treatment, Jake says he’s happy to be back on the pickleball court!

“When I skied in January, I was on the slopes 4 days straight with no pain until the very last day, which went away after a couple of hours. That’s a big change for me, when normally I would ski 2 days and have to take a rest day.

“I’m doing some exercises to make sure that I don’t overstress my knees. In pickleball there are lots of lateral movements and sudden stops, so I’ve been doing some exercises to build up the muscles in my knees.

“I think stem cell therapy is the future. I think everyone should try it.”

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