Okyanos Stem Cell Therapy Patient Referrals

Please use one of the following methods when transferring patient medical records to Okyanos:


Medical records can be directly uploaded to Okyanos by visiting


Medical records can be securely emailed to medrec@okyanos.com if the files are less than a total of 25 MBs. If greater than 25 MBs we recommend using our Digital Upload solution.


Medical records can be securely faxed to 1-855-404-5012.


Medical records can be sent to one of two locations:

Any Mail Delivery Service
Okyanos Global Health
Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Warren Sherman
3 Greenway Plaza, Ste. 1000
Houston, TX 77046
US Tel: 727-290-4780

FedEx, UPS or DHL Only 
Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine
Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Warren Sherman
First Commercial Centre, East Mall Drive
PO Box F-42476
Freeport, GB, The Bahamas
Local Tel: 242-352-6520

If you would like to request medical records or need further assistance please feel free to call Okyanos at +1 855-659-2667 (Ext. 103) or email medrec@okyanos.com.

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