Exploring the potential of the powerful reservoir of adipose stem and progenitor cells in fat tissue is an exciting and emerging area within the field of regenerative medicine. Over the past decade, the number of research studies exploring the therapeutic benefit of these cells across a broad number of indications has greatly increased. Notably, several fields have seen a rapid translation of the science into the clinic, namely orthopedics and cardiology.

In these specialties, clinical studies demonstrating the safety, and in some cases efficacy, of the stromal vascular fraction extracted from adipose, or expanded adipose stem cells themselves, have already been published. For many other indications, however, the therapeutic benefit of this tissue has only recently transitioned into the clinic. Although a lack of clinical publications exists for a number of the indications treated at Okyanos, there are a number of ongoing trials across a broad spectrum of indications.

The below infographic highlights the vast array of conditions for which clinical trials have been completed, are ongoing or are actively recruiting, using adipose-derived cells.