Okyanos Stem Cell Therapy Patient Referrals

Okyanos is committed to a collaborative partnership with physicians treating patients with chronic, degenerative conditions which have been unresponsive to conventional medical options or for whom all available options have been exhausted. Established to U.S. medical standards, our purpose-built adult stem cell therapy surgery centre is founded on strong science and technology. We value our referring physicians as partners in bringing patients treatment options not currently available in the United States, using the leading technology in the world.

Stem Cell Therapy Patient Screening

Patients who are referred to Okyanos are rigorously screened to determine their candidacy for adult stem cell therapy. Our medical team maintains a close, collaborative relationship with the referring physician both pre- and post-treatment.

We are further committed to the construction of a detailed registry that tracks outcomes and clinical factors over time as the field of cell therapy continues to evolve. We consider this a partnership with the medical community.

For any questions pertaining to a referral, please call 855.OKYANOS (855-659-2667) or request a free educational consultation.

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