• I’m interested in adult stem cell therapy. How can I get started?

    Please give us a call, or email us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Who will I initially speak with?

    You will first speak with our Medical Intake Specialist and provide basic information, such as your email address, phone number, address and medical condition. Our specialist can also answer initial questions about our facility and our procedures. Then we will send a medical history form to complete regarding your medical history, medications and other medical-related information.

  • After the medical intake, when will I speak to a doctor about my procedure?

    A treating physician reviews the medical history form and assesses whether stem cell therapy is right for your condition. If so, a consultation with the doctor is scheduled for a more in-depth discussion that serves as the basis for an individualized treatment plan. This allows us to provide exceptional service, tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Once the plan is offered, we can schedule an appointment for treatment.

  • Once I have my treatment date scheduled, what about travel arrangements to Okyanos?

    If help with travel arrangements is required, we have a patient concierge that can assist with flights, ground transportation and hotel accommodations. The island features an all-inclusive resort, boutique hotels, and private villas that are available for our patients.

  • What happens once I arrive for my procedure?

    Upon arrival at the airport a driver will meet and escort you to the clinic for the pre-op appointment, or take you to the hotel to check in and then to the clinic, where you will meet with the nurse assigned to your care throughout your stay. The pre-op appointment consists of a check of all vital signs, final paperwork, and a meeting with the physician to answer any last-minute questions, along with a quick physical exam. Then, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

  • On the day of the procedure, what can I expect?

    You can expect to arrive at the clinic around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning so that the nurses can get you ready for surgery. You will speak with the anesthesiologist and the physician and go over any last-minute details concerning your procedure. This usually takes about 45 minutes. Once ready, we take you into the operating room for the liposuction procedure.

  • How do you get my stem cells?

    Liposuction usually takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Following liposuction, we bring you to the recovery room to rest while your cells are being processed. Our closed/sterile, single use cell processing system uses an enzyme that breaks down the adipose (fat) tissue from the liposuction and frees the stem cells from the matrix. The cell processing takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

  • How are my stem cells delivered back into my body?

    Once the cells are processed, we’ll take you back to the operating room for direct injections. Most patients also get an IV treatment for an enhanced benefit. The intravenous administration takes place right at your bedside and takes about 20 minutes. Then we monitor you for approximately an hour following the stem cell treatment. Once stable, we escort you back to the hotel.

  • What kind of anesthesia will I have?

    At Okyanos, we use a monitored anesthesia care called conscious sedation. It is a really light sedation where you go to sleep very quickly and wake up very comfortably. It is not like general anesthesia where you can have the side effects of nausea or grogginess.

  • What happens after my procedure?

    The day after the procedure, you come in for a postoperative appointment where we take your vital signs and check your surgical wounds. If everything looks good, you are free to go home. Following that, usually within 24 hours, your primary RN gives you a call to check on how you’re doing. Then we follow up with a call at a week, ten days, one month, three months, and six months.

  • How important is safety at Okyanos, and what is your safety record?

    At Okyanos, safety is a serious priority. The only complication, in less than 1% of patients, has been associated with liposuction and some infection or cellulitis around the liposuction site. We have a concierge physician who follows every patient for 30 days after treatment to ensure the greatest benefit of recovery and healing.

  • Is there any reason that I might have to stay?

    If everything goes well, you can travel the day of your postoperative appointment. However, if you’re traveling overseas or have a flight that’s more than three or four hours long, we might recommend that you stay an extra day.

  • What are the benefits of being located in the Bahamas?

    The advantages of being in the Bahamas is its close proximity to the United States, it’s an English-speaking country, and most importantly, the stem cell therapies in the Bahamas are regulated. There is a certain set of standards expected of all stem cell facilities in the Bahamas and they’re closely monitored and surveyed.

  • Is stem cell therapy covered by my insurance?

    Not at this time. Until FDA approval, reimbursement in the United States is unlikely.

  • Why is patient data so important at Okyanos?

    At Okyanos we are committed to patient data because we believe that learning who responds, what they respond to and how well they respond is critical for the patient and the field of stem cell therapy. We can only bring stem cells forward to humanity as a whole if we collect data and learn more from it.

  • Can my doctor communicate directly with the Okyanos team?

    Absolutely. Your physician can phone us at any time. We actually welcome communication with the patient physician and the sharing of information, as it is best for the patient and also good for us.

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