Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), also called degenerative joint disease, is one of the most common conditions of the joints. Loss of function, poor range of motion and persistent joint pain are just some of the ways this degenerative disease impacts daily living. Adult stem cell therapy is a minimally-invasive approach to treating both structural and system-wide aspects of OA for a better quality of life.


Osteoarthritis (also called “wear and tear arthritis”) in the past has been classified differently from a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which is characterized by system-wide inflammation and autoimmune responses which attacks joint tissue. However, recent findings have increased our understanding of the cycle of osteoarthritis as an inflammatory disease. In fact research today points to the fact that chronic, low-grade abnormalities in immune system response set the stage for chronic diseases in general, including OA.

Adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) can home to sites of inflammation, have distinct anti-inflammatory capabilities and are able to modulate the immune system. In addition, they are able to address structural damage by repairing or replacing bone or cartilage tissue.


Adult stem cells known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are repair cells that are found in many tissues of the body and have been studied for many years in bone marrow. They are known to “home” to signals of inflammation in damaged tissue and organs to do their job repairing normal wear and tear on the body. However, aging and degeneration are a failure of those stem cells in the local environment (such as a knee or hip) due to the decreasing numbers and potency of cells as we grow older.

Adult stem cell research began with bone marrow-derived stem cells and specifically the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) therein. Adipose tissue has been found to be the most accessible, abundant and potent source of MSCs, the key adult “repair” cell found in all tissues and organs of the body.

The combination of adult stem and regenerative cells found in the adipose tissue (body fat) are commonly referred to as “repair cells” for their ability to:

  • Address widespread inflammation
  • Turn into replacement bone and cartilage cells
  • Prevent further premature cell and tissue death
  • Reduce scarring (such as that which can occur post-surgery)
  • Modulate abnormal immune responses
  • Stimulate the growth of new blood vessels for better blood flow

Importantly, it has been found that adipose tissue has up to 2,500 times more stem and regenerative cells per gram than that of bone marrow. It is this blend of healing cells in combination with Okyanos’ chosen technology and protocols which gives our patients the greatest possible opportunity to experience pain relief, improve range of motion and reduce scarring in even severe cases of degenerated joints.


Customized treatment plans are developed based on an assessment of imaging studies and your medical and surgical history. Okyanos Cell Therapy is a minimally invasive, same-day outpatient procedure with little recovery or down time needed.

  1. First, water-assisted fat harvesting is done to obtain about a cup and a half of adipose (fat) tissue from your abdominal area.
  2. A unique blend of stem and regenerative cells are separated from your fat tissue and prepared for injection.
  3. Immediately thereafter, your adult stem cells are delivered intravenously or by direct injection (or both) in accordance with the individualized treatment plan developed for you by the Okyanos medical team.

To learn more about Okyanos stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and joint pain, contact a Patient Liaison to request a complimentary educational consultation or dial 855-OKYANOS (855-659-2667).


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