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Okyanos closely follows the adult stem cell treatment protocols as laid out in clinical trials which have demonstrated safety and promising outcomes. We encourage you to speak to an Okyanos Medical Intake Specialist regarding the specifics of your condition. Our medical team will then carefully review your medical history to determine whether or not adult stem cell therapy seems right for you.

Basic patient requirements

With a strong focus on the patient using tested treatment protocols to improve health, Okyanos is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a first class standard of service supported by some of the industry’s top physicians, scientists and medical professionals.

Determining whether cell therapy is appropriate for a patient is a highly individualized process. The Okyanos medical team does not accept patients for treatment for whom stem cell harvest is not advisable or in whom stem cell therapies may not be beneficial. Our medical team will carefully review your medical records to understand your chronic condition and discuss with you the potential benefits of cell therapy. Our Medical Intake team will ensure the following are in place for your well-being:

  • You are able to travel comfortably to The Bahamas. (Patients on oxygen or too weak to travel are not appropriate candidates at this time.)
  • You are able to lay flat for the liposuction procedure and adult stem cell therapy administration as needed.
  • Your medical records indicate that you are able to undergo fat harvesting (a minor liposuction procedure).

Additional basics for heart patients

Even after maximal use of medications and bypass surgery and/or stents, quality of life can continue to be impacted by heart disease symptoms. Among those for whom continued interventional procedures are not an option, stem cell therapy is an exciting cardiac treatment opportunity.

For the safety of our patients and to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes, the Okyanos cardiology team follows strict treatment and acceptance protocols for patients seeking stem cell therapy for heart disease. Our Medical Intake team will review the following basic requirements with you:

  • You have been fully medically screened.
  • You have heart damage, as from a heart attack or coronary artery disease (CAD).
  • You have had previous interventions such as bypass surgery or stents.
  • You continue to experience symptoms of your disease which impact your daily life, but additional interventional procedures are not an option for you

We accept referrals from physicians as well as inquiries from patients diagnosed with CAD, and of course welcome calls and questions from both physicians and patients about stem cell therapy and how the treatment is performed.

Because Okyanos treats a variety of conditions, we commonly find that each patient has different needs. Our foremost goal is to determine whether cell therapy could benefit you before accepting you for treatment.

To learn more about becoming a patient or the stem cell procedures available at Okyanos, you may contact our Medical Intake team by dialing 855-OKYANOS (855-659-2667) or by filling out a secure online contact form.

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