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The name Okyanos (Oh-key-AH-nos), the Greek god of the river Okeanos, symbolizes one of the primary mechanisms of adult stem cells—the improvement of blood flow in tissue which has an insufficient supply of blood, a condition medically known as ischemia.

Cell therapy has emerged as a promising new option for the millions of patients who live with debilitating symptoms of chronic orthopedic, neurological and autoimmune diseases or who have suffered a stroke, heart attack or other acute injuries. Okyanos is a leader in cell therapy. Initially founded in 2011 as a Heart Institute, our treatment protocols were later expanded to include adult stem cell therapy for patients with severe and chronic medical needs that, per scientific research, clinical trials and application, can be safely and potentially efficaciously treated with patients’ own stem and regenerative cells.

The adult stem cell therapies available at Okyanos focus on isolating patients’ own fat-derived, SVF stem cells for same-day processing and treatment. Okyanos’ expert team includes renowned stem cell researchers and board certified orthopedists, surgeons, cardiologists and licensed MDs. An on-site clinical staff of highly trained and experienced nurses and technicians oversee the safe and precise delivery of regenerative therapies.

Why The Bahamas?

The Okyanos Center is fitted with a Class C operating theatre, a Philips bi-plane cardiac catheterization lab with advanced imaging systems and offers leading technologies for enzyme-derived cell processing. At Okyanos, patients and caregivers enjoy the comfort of spacious hotel-style patient recovery suites, each with a private bathroom, television, nurse call system and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Just 10 minutes by car from the Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO), Okyanos is located in downtown Freeport on peaceful Grand Bahama Island. Along with Its tranquil beaches and crystal blue waters, the island features an all-inclusive resort and golf course as well as duty-free shopping and live music at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Grand Bahama is an ideal locale for stem cell treatments due to the Bahamian government’s strong focus on safety and its commitment to the acceleration of regenerative medicine for patients.

The Ministry of Health’s National Stem Cell Ethics Committee allows, and regulates, the use of patients’ own stem cells in the treatment of certain chronic conditions. Okyanos was the first cell therapy center in the country to receive Bahamian government approval and began treating patients in 2014.

At Okyanos, Our Focus is You

The Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine was founded in 2011 to offer patients the most advanced and safe medical treatments in regenerative medicine, and to partner with leading universities and research labs in collecting data that advances the field of stem cell therapy. Through the delivery of regenerative therapies, our  mission is to restore and extend healthy living.

We treat those who have chronic diseases including osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and heart disease who seek additional therapies in conjunction with or beyond what is currently offered by the available standard of care. To learn more, you may contact a Patient Liaison to request a free educational consultation or dial 855.OKYANOS (659.2667).


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