Dr. Bart Rademaker
Plastic Surgeon

dr-rademakerDr. Bart Rademaker, MD, is board certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery. He attended Erasmus University of Rotterdam Medical School and completed his general surgery residency at Providence Hospital in Michigan. He then finalized his training with a two-year plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and additionally was fellowship-trained at the Mayo Clinic under one of the world’s leading craniofacial surgeons, a pioneer in reconstructive surgery of the skull and face, as well as cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Rademaker previously served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at three separate Florida hospitals, training interns and residents in their approach to medicine and surgery. Today Dr. Rademaker also serves as Founder and Chief Medical Officer at the Tampa-based Beauty Integrity Center which specializes in regenerative aesthetics.

With more than 20 years in clinical practice, he is a recognized thought leader in the fields of aesthetic regenerative medicine, plastic surgery and non-surgical facelifts that harness the body’s healing and regenerative capabilities.

Much of Dr. Rademaker’s work can be found in published clinical research. In addition to his devotion to personalized patient care, Dr. Rademaker is fluent in 4 languages and is a passionate philanthropist, published best-selling author and wellness advocate.

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