The Okyanos Medical Advisory Council provides extensive insight on cell biology and the mechanisms of action of fat-derived stem and regenerative cells in healing injured organs, repairing or replacing damaged tissue, decreasing inflammation as well as improving blood flow through the creation of new blood vessels.

Antonio Colombo, MD, FACC


Dr. Colombo is the Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Columbus Hospital in Milan, Italy, and Chief of Invasive Cardiology at San Raffaele Hospital. Additionally, he serves as a visiting professor of medicine at Columbia Medical Center in New York. Dr. Colombo contributed to the development of intravascular ultrasound in coronary stent placement—a procedure for which he is regarded a pioneer. He also lead the cardiac stem cell therapy trial at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. As principal investigator, Dr. Colombo dealt first-hand with adult stem cell treatment for chronic angina and heart disease patients. Some of his research can be found in publications such as the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs and Circulation: Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Farrell Mendelsohn, MD, FACC

Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn - Okyanos Top 10 Stem Cell ResearchersDr. Mendelsohn serves as the director of the Center for Therapeutic Angiogenesis. A graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Mendelsohn completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was a clinical fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School. He completed a fellowship at Duke University Medical Center in cardiovascular disease where he began his research on therapeutic angiogenesis. In 1999 he founded the Center for Therapeutic Angiogenesis in Birmingham, Ala. and through the center has served as the principal investigator in more than 20 clinical trials of therapeutic angiogenesis for both coronary artery and peripheral artery disease patients using various protein, gene and stem cell therapies. Dr. Mendelsohn dosed the first patient in the world with the vascular growth factor HGF using a percutaneous intra-myocardial delivery catheter and performed the first stem cell transplant to the heart in Alabama.

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