Okyanos Cell Therapy Staff

The name Okyanos [oh-key-ah-nos] comes from the Greek god of the river Okeanos and symbolizes one of the important mechanisms of stem cells, which is the restoration of blood flow. We help people living with the day to day symptoms of severe or chronic health conditions who have exhausted available options from current standard treatments. We are dedicated to bringing you a new standard of care called Okyanos Cell Therapy which is based on deep science and rigorous clinical trials utilizing adult stem cells.


Our Facility

Okyanos’ purpose-built stem cell therapy surgical center was the first to become licensed under the Bahamas Stem Cell Therapy and Research Act.

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Meet the Staff

Our praised team of dedicated doctors, nurses and staff are experts in stem cell therapy and patient care.

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Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council includes some of the top  clinical trial investigators in adult stem cell treatment.

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