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February 6, 2015

Okyanos Stem Cell Therapy Success Brings Hope for a Normal Life

In just a few short months since Okyanos opened its doors, remarkable results are becoming a daily reality. In light of these mounting successes, Okyanos, the leader in cell therapy, has augmented its adult stem cell therapy for severe heart disease and expanded their offerings to include treatments for patients with other chronic unmet needs. Now, patients like Patsy and Dylan are experiencing the tangible benefits that Okyanos cell therapy provides. read more »

December 18, 2014

Okyanos Expands World-Class Cell Therapy Medical Team

Okyanos, the leader in cell therapy, announced the expansion of its medical team to accommodate the growing demand for cell therapy to treat patients with chronic unmet needs for which adult stem cell therapy using cells from a person’s own fat (adipose) tissue has been found to be safe and efficacious. read more »

November 25, 2014

Okyanos Adopts WAL/ body-jet® eco for Use in Cell Therapy

Okyanos, the leader in cell therapy, announced the adoption of body-jet eco for use in the harvesting of adult stem cells for use in cell therapy. The Okyanos procedure begins with the extraction of a small amount of body fat, a process done using advanced water-jet assisted liposuction technology. The body-jet® eco system is utilized during this procedure and allows a larger number of viable adult stem cells to be harvested. read more »

November 14, 2014

Okyanos Study Finds Heart Disease Patients Wish to Live a Normal Life

Okyanos, the leader in cell therapy, today published its Living with Heart Disease Report revealing the emotional toll and lifestyle impact heart disease is having on aging baby boomers in the United States. The survey revealed that though they wish they could live a normal life and still do things like exercise, sex and travel, the majority of heart patients are resolved to carry on. read more »

November 5, 2014

Okyanos Treats First Patients with Cell Therapy

Okyanos is the first to receive regulatory approval from the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee (NSEC) to provide adult stem cell therapy in its new state-of-the-art facility and has now begun treating patients. The licensing includes approval for cardiac cell therapy, as well as cell therapy for tissue ischemia, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic neurological and orthopedic conditions. The licensing criteria requires that approved protocols be supported by peer-reviewed papers showing substantial evidence of safety and efficacy. read more »

October 2, 2014

Okyanos Presents the Science, Safety, and Efficacy of Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Todd K. Malan, M.D., presented to the Grand Bahama Medical & Dental Association 14th Annual Scientific Educational Conference on the science, safety and efficacy of adipose- (fat) derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) for ischemic heart disease and other unmet healthcare needs. read more »

September 8, 2014

Okyanos Cardiac Cell Therapy Clinic Scheduled to Open

Okyanos is slated to begin delivering this innovative new treatment in the next several weeks, and is now screening qualified heart disease candidates. The procedure will be performed in their newly constructed state-of-the-art Phillips catheterization lab, as announced last month. read more »

August 16, 2014

Okyanos Heart Institute Participates in the 2014 BASRA Swim Marathon

Each year the Bahamas Air Swim Rescue Association (BASRA) hosts the annual Bernie Butler Swim Marathon. 2014 marks the event’s 44th year and Okyanos is proud to have had two of our team members participating this year. read more »

July 15, 2014

Okyanos & Perkins Partner for Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy Innovation

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama, July 15, 2014 – Okyanos Heart Institute, a leader in cardiac adult stem cell therapy, has selected Perkins Healthcare Technologies to provide video integration solutions for its new state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization lab. The video integration system is paired with Phillips equipment, creating a top-grade comprehensive solution for the cath lab by providing read more »

June 11, 2014

Okyanos Chief Cell Therapy Officer Addresses Stem Cell Conference

Okyanos’ Chief Cell Therapy Officer and General Surgeon Dr. Todd Malan had the opportunity to speak to a group of international stem cell researchers at the ICCTI and STEMSO Conference recently held in Europe. read more »